Cyber Monday Deals at DS18

Cyber Monday Deals at DS18

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The best deals of the year don’t stop on Black Friday. There’s still time to score some savings at DS18 on Cyber Monday.

Thrifty shoppers are saving their holiday spending for the two biggest deal days of the year – Black Friday and Cyber Monday. To make your decisions a little easier, the experts at DS18 have compiled the products where you can find the best savings this season.

Shop with DS18 this holiday season for the person in your family who likes it LOUD! We’ve got everything needed to blast your sound system to the moon!


The strong midrange and crisp high responses of the PRO-X6.4BM reproduces distortion free audio that teleports you directly to the front of house of your favorite artist’s concert. The 1.5” 4-ohms voice coil on this 6.5” speaker handles extreme temperatures without breaking a sweat so you can come back for as many encores as you’d like.

The high sensitivity of the PRO-X6.4BM lets you crank up the volume without having to worry about distortion, while the 125Hz to 12KHz frequency provides richer and more accurate tones that all listeners will notice. These loudspeakers can also handle up to 250W RMS, making it capable of handling consistent and heavy usage. Add this baby to your build and enjoy extreme volume levels with crystal clarity!



With 240W peak power handling and a frequency response of 2KHz to 20KHz, the PRO-TW120 professional grade super bullet tweeters deliver accurate sounds at high frequencies––perfect if you like your highs crisp, bright, and loud! The bullet dust cover this tweeter comes equipped with protects the voice coil and ensures that your highs shoot through the noise.

Upgrading with the DS18 PRO-TW120 makes the most of your sound system because it fills in one of the most important pieces usually missing from your factory stereo system. IT’s also easy to install and gives your favorite music a live-performance feel. What’s not to love about that?


DS18’s NXL-X6TP compact wakeboard tower speakers are designed to make your boats sound system louder and stronger than ever! The new and improved clamping system these models come equipped with make it possible for these tower speakers to be installed just about anywhere.

The NXL-X6TP has a 1.2” voice coil with higher potential for loudness, great sound reproduction, and extended longevity.

The power handling ratings on these pods are 100W RMS and 300W MAX for easy installation and application in any build.

These tower speakers also have integrated RGB LED Lighting to complement the vibe of any system. The LED BTC (LED Bluetooth Controller) is sold separately and required to control the lights on this speaker.

The NXL-X6TP is a resilient volume maximizing tower speaker that’s guaranteed to revitalize any sound system


DS18’s Hooligan X15 has provided top end performance and bass now on the streets for the last 6 years, Hooligans have been a choice of music lovers and professional audio competitors alike.

We have taken the Traditional Hooligan and revamped it, creating an even more powerful variation: the Hooligan X15 Sound Pressure Level. This model features heavy duty pole, SPL spider, and high strength surround to reinforce sound pressure level of the speaker making it louder at competition frequencies. This massive sub will be great for high powered music or SPL. A FS of 38 will ensure great bass down to 28Hz and great punchy bass up around 65Hz depending on your box tuning. This subwoofer is rated at 4000w RMS and 6000w Max so your vehicle will require electrical upgrades and large wire.

This sub will be friendly to 4th orders, 6th orders, ported boxes, and large sealed boxes and can be used in most applications that has room for the box.

If you are looking for extreme bass and massive power look no further than the Hooligan SPL line! This Hooligan variant will be sure to start you on your way to high volume hairstreaks and massive SPL scores!


There’s plenty of deals to find at DS18 this holiday season, especially if you like it LOUD! DS18 carries every product needed to make your sound system complete! Check out all of the listings on our website to find your perfect match!

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