DS18's BRO Series Transform The 2023 Ford Bronco

DS18's BRO Series Transform The 2023 Ford Bronco

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Get ready for the off-road thrill of a lifetime with the 2023 6th Generation Ford Bronco! This 4-door SUV perfectly blends comfort and power. With its short wheelbase, all-terrain tires, and Trail Control Driving Mode, it offers an off-roading experience like no other. However, as our team of experts dove deeper into this adventure-ready machine, we uncovered an aspect that needed some extra attention to match the thrill of the ride.

The Ford Bronco has etched its place in the hearts of off-roading enthusiasts everywhere. From its debut in 1965 to its iconic appearance in the 1991 movie Terminator 2 and even during its two-decade hiatus from 1996 to 2021, the Ford Bronco became a cultural icon among off-roaders worldwide. As it continues to evolve and capture the hearts of new generations, our team at DS18 felt that the Ford Bronco deserved a modern sound system upgrade.

Enter DS18’s BRO Series, expertly designed and installed in our very own DS18 BRONCO, transforming it into an Off-roading Audio Powerhouse. Engineered for seamless integration into your adventure-ready vehicle, the BRO Series is ready to GET LOUD upon installation!

At DS18, we don't just believe in our products; we live and breathe them. That's why we've equipped our very own DS18 Bronco with our top-tier BRO series. Here's a sneak peek into how these exceptional products not only fit seamlessly but also elevate the Bronco's sound quality:

BRO-SBAR Overhead Bar System: Precision-installed in our DS18 Bronco, the BRO-SBAR accommodates four 8" DS18 speakers, two 6.5" speakers, and two tweeters. This audio powerhouse ensures your music roars over the engine's growl, making every adventure an immersive sonic experience.

BRO-BASS Tailgate Subwoofer Enclosure: In our DS18 Bronco, the BRO-BASS delivers thunderous bass without compromising cargo space. With IP11 Water and Solid Resistance Material, it's protected in any weather (SPLASH PROOF), while the RGB LED grille adds a captivating visual element to your tailgate parties.

BRO-FD-LR and BRO-BD-LR Door Panels: Our DS18 Bronco showcases the BRO-FD-LR and BRO-BD-LR door panels. Sold in pairs, DS18 supplies installation panels for all four doors of your Ford Bronco. These panels seamlessly house 6.5" speakers and tweeters, enhancing the Bronco’s sound quality and stage.

BRO-DA Dashboard Speaker Adapter: Our DS18 Bronco features the BRO-DA, an ingenious dashboard speaker adapter designed with layered plastic cutouts, enabling seamless compatibility with a wide range of aftermarket speakers. Users can easily customize their installation by removing the unnecessary plastic sections to accommodate various tweeter sizes, securing the tweeter in the factory location with a simple screw-on attachment.

Together, these products from the DS18 BRO Series come together to create an impenetrable sound stage within your Ford Bronco. Precision engineering, power-packed speakers, and thoughtful design ensure that every adventure is accompanied by a rich, immersive audio experience.

Navigating challenging trails and tackling off-road adventures in your Ford Bronco is undeniably thrilling. To further enhance your off-roading experience and ensure you're prepared for any terrain, we've introduced a range of Bronco Accessories. These additions are not just practical; they're designed to elevate your Bronco's performance and style, making it an unstoppable force in the wild. Let's explore these accessories and discover how they can help you conquer the great outdoors with ease.

BRO-TUBE Tower Mounting Tube and BRO-CLPX Tower Mounting Clamps: In our DS18 Bronco, we offer two distinct solutions for mounting your tower speakers, catering to your specific preferences and needs.

The BRO-TUBE/BK is designed with tower speakers in mind, providing seamless compatibility with all DS18 NXL- and NXL-PRO tower speaker models. With adjustable mounting distances and versatile wire mounting options, the BRO-TUBE empowers you to craft the perfect soundstage for your tower speaker setup.

On the other hand, DS18's BRO-CLPX Tower Mounting Clamps offer a unique and tailored solution, specifically designed for Bronco owners. These clamps are engineered to bolt directly onto your Bronco, eliminating the need for the BRO-TUBE. While the BRO-TUBE is circular to accommodate our standard NXL towers, the BRO-CLPX clamps are square, making them an ideal choice for attaching our towers to the factory Bronco cage. This configuration eliminates the necessity for the BRO-TUBE unless you prefer its aesthetic. If you plan to purchase NXL towers without using the BRO-TUBE, these clamps provide a seamless and secure mounting option for your marine tower speakers, ensuring both durability and flexibility in speaker positioning.

In the world of off-roading, every adventure comes with its unique challenges and terrain. DS18's Bronco Accessories have been crafted with the off-roading audio enthusiast in mind, ensuring that your Ford Bronco is fully equipped for whatever lies ahead. From enhancing performance to safeguarding your vehicle, these accessories are designed to elevate your off-road audio experience.

Ready to take your off-roading adventures to the next level? Explore DS18's BRO Series to see how you can enhance your Ford Bronco's audio experience and performance. Whether you're tackling challenging trails or embarking on an open road journey, DS18 is here to ensure that your Bronco is equipped for the adventure. Join the stampede and embark on unforgettable journeys with DS18!

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