Versatile Battery Charger and Power Supply 80 Amps


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The new BC80L procharger is a high-performance power supply that can give a maximum current of 80 amps and operate in 3 different PHASES for the most efficient charging. The three modes available are Elevation, Absorption, and Equalization. The first phase (Elevation) is a pulsating constraint current which brings your battery up from low voltage safely. The next phase is (Absorption) which gives constant voltage as soon as a safe resting voltage is detected. The last phase is Equalization. This phase keeps the battery at safe resting voltage but sends pulses of 14.5v every 5 minutes to give the battery maximum charge while safely balancing the battery for longer battery life. Internal cooling fans and digital display help you breeze through the display help you breeze through the options.

 There are 3 additional modes. The first is Charging State which is 3 phase charging. The next is AUTO ICS. This mode allows for quick charging and pulses the system between 13.8 to 14.4v in short bursts. This mode is not recommended for a dead battery. The last is POWER SUPPLY mode which acts like a full amperage power supply for a system that does not have or requite batteries.


Technical Specifications  BC80L
Input(Automatic Bi-volt): 90 to 140Vac /170 to  240Vac
Consumption with maximum Load: 1200W
Maximum output current: 80 Amperes
Maximum Output Voltage: 12.6V/12.8V/13V/13.2V/13.8V/14V/14.2V/14.4V
Intelligent Charging System: 13.8/ 14.4 Vdc cyclic
Accuracy Voltmeter / Amp Meter : 99% / 96%
refrigeration: Forced
Protections: Excess charge, short on output and temperature
Dimesions L x W D (mm): 250 x 190 x 85 mm / 9.84 x 7.48 x 3.34 in
Weight kg 2.750 : 1.9

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