The Difference between The LED-BTC and The LED-BTCDRM

The Difference between The LED-BTC and The LED-BTCDRM

DS18 offers two methods for lighting control in Audio Systems: the LED-BTC and the LED-BTCDRM. The LED-BTCDRM is our easy-to-use 3-wire digital RGB, and the LED-BTC is our 4-wire RGB. When choosing a lighting controller for your Audio System you should consider the differences between a 3-wire setup and a 4-wire setup in your decision.

One of the key differences between LED-BTC and LED-BTCDRM is the way in which the lights are controlled. The LED-BTCDRM uses a digital control system, which allows for precise control of the lighting. This means that users can create complex lighting patterns and color schemes using a digital signal.

In contrast, the LED-BTC uses an analog control system. This means that the lights are controlled using an analog signal, which is less precise than a digital signal. As a result, LED-BTC’s are not able to produce as many different colors or lighting patterns as LED-BTCDRM’s.

Another important difference between the two types of lighting systems is the voltage at which they operate. The LED-BTCDRM’s are designed to operate at 12 volt, which is the standard voltage in most cars, marine, and offroad vehicles. The LED-BTC’s, on the other hand, can operate at a range of different voltages, including 12 volt, 24 volt, and 36 volt.

When it comes to controllers, both LED-BTCDRM’s and LED-BTC’s can be used with controllers specifically designed for 12 volt applications. These controllers allow users to easily control the lighting on their vehicle, allowing them to create custom color schemes and lighting patterns.

One advantage of using a LED-BTCDRM system is that it offers greater flexibility and customization options. The digital control system allows for precise control of the lighting, which means that users can create a wide range of colors and lighting patterns. Additionally, the 12 volt operating voltage makes the LED-BTCDRM a good choice for use in cars, marine, and offroad vehicles.

The LED-BTC, on the other hand, may be a good choice for applications where a wider range of operating voltages is needed. The ability to operate at different voltages means that LED-BTC’s can be used in a wider range of applications, including in vehicles that use 24 volt or 36 volt systems.

Overall, both LED-BTCDRM’s and LED-BTC’s are popular choices for custom lighting in cars, marine, and offroad vehicles. While they have some differences, both types of lighting systems offer a wide range of colors and customizable lighting options. The right choice for a particular application will depend on the specific needs and requirements of the user.